Yottamaster Sober USB C Dock with M.2 Nvme SSD Enclosure

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Yottamaster USB C Laptop Docking Station with NVMe Enclosure[SO6]

This 9-in-1 USB C laptop Dock with NVMe enclosure provides you an all-in-one solution by perfectly transforming one of USB ports on your laptop into 9 ports with a M.2 nvme enclosure, helping you easily deal with multiple workflows and keeping a tidy work station.

Solid and Portable Design

Full aluminum casting with special designed cooling fins provide better heat dissipation.

A slim & portable 9-port usb c dock with nvme enclosure (dimension: 138.5*73*16mm).


System Compatibility

  • Broadly compatible with Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Android systems. Driver-free, hot swapping, plug and play.

Tech Info of Multi Ports

1. USB Ports - 10Gbps speed with power supply

There are 3 X USB A ports and 2 X USB C ports extended with the dock.

All USB ports adopts USB3.1 protocol and backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.0. Compatible with USB devices for power supply and data transmission.

  • While connect the dock to computer, USB A/USB C port Input: Max 5V/1.5A, Output: 5V/0.9A
  • While connect the dock with external power supply, USB A port output: 5V/1.5A; USB C port output: 20V/3A (5A Max)

(Please note the PD charger is not provided, please choose PD 29W/45W/65W/100W for external power supply )

2. M.2 NVMe Enclosure

  • Up to 8TB storage capacity. Support M-Key and B&M-Key 2230/2242/2260/2280 NVMe SSDs. Do not support SATA drives.
  • Actual speed test: Read/Write can reach up to 921MB/s / 879MB/s.

3. HDMI port

The HDMI port supports dual 4K display with a maximum 3840×2160 resolution for better entertainment experience.

4. Gigabit Ethernet-1000M

Fast data transfer & network: plug-and-play and instant access to the lightning-fast 1000M Ethernet port.

5. TF/SD Card Reader

The SD/TF Card reader supports SD 2.0, SD/TF cards can not be used at the same time.


PD 100W Fast Charging

Provide Max. 100W charging to the laptop and devices with external PD charger.



Make Every Byte Treasurable

Yottamaster is a brand focusing on data storage, with professional R&D Team and excellent production capacity. We are devoted to provide high-quality data storage experience for global users.

Multi-functional USB C Dock with NVMe Enclosure

9 ports & a nvme enclosure at the bottom!

What's in the Box

1 × Type-C Hub M.2 NVMe Enclosure

1 × Data cable

1 ×Screwdriver

1 ×Silicone thermal pad

1 xUser manual

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